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Nov 7, 2019

As a business owner, salesmanship skills are an integral part of bringing in revenue. However, as faith-based business owners, we often worry about how to come across as completely authentic in our sales interactions, ensuring that we are using high-integrity methods while also ensuring that our income needs are met. 


Sometimes selling a physical product such as a car or machinery, or in direct sales, or selling an intangible service such as coaching or financial planning, may make us uncomfortable.   But the fact is, we must use sales methods in order to turn a prospect into income that puts food on our tables and keeps our lights on. We want to make sure that we are walking in total integrity and alignment as faith-based business owners making sales.

This conundrum is the basis for a dynamic coaching system which exists to help Christian salespeople improve their sales performances through authenticity and meaningful relationship building within their communities. 

Justin Janowski is the CEO of Faith2Influence, which has been changing the outlook of Christian business owners and leaders on sales over the last year. Justin's experience in sales, coaching, leadership, and personal development led him to create Faith2Influence to guide other faith-based entrepreneurs through their most financially profitable, and spiritually aligned, sales journeys.