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Aug 15, 2019

In a saturated and highly competitive industry, business owners have to work harder and more creatively to even get noticed. This can lead to burnout, or having to take on less satisfying jobs to pay the bills since your dream career isn’t overflowing with revenue. 

Our guest in this episode shares how he used his skills in one of the most competitive industries in the world to create a whole new income-producing niche which uses his talents, helps the next generation thrive, and builds revenue.

Bruce Wilson is the founder of Kid Power Programs, a faith-based traveling production teaching families the importance of a healthy lifestyle through a live-action one-man show in 3D.

Bruce got his degree in music theater and moved from Wichita KS to New York City to pursue a life in the entertainment industry. After getting a gig entertaining kids, he discovered his love for performing for children and creating educational entertainment curricula. 

Bruce used his skills as an actor and a businessperson together to create Kid Power Programs, and now travels the country in character to educate and entertain in theatres, churches, and organizations. And recently, Bruce stepped out in faith to incorporate spirituality into his mission and message, combining his revenue-generating career niche with spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.