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Jul 4, 2019

Distance used to be a hurdle for most with all kinds of business and personal connections, including romantic ones.  Business owners are wise not to get too sucked into working too much at the expense of investing in personal relationships.

With so many communication apps available now, distance may no longer be an obstacle to having a long distance relationship (LDR). Staying in touch has never been easier; however, actually connecting with someone living a few hundred — or thousand — miles away is still no easy feat. Add that to the normal ups and downs of being in a relationship it's no wonder that LDRs don't work for everyone. However LDRs can and do work — it just takes some creativity, communication, planning, and sometimes, even mentoring.

Our guest in this episode is the founder of Undivided, a professional mentoring business specially made for people in long distance relationships. Undivided focuses on personal development, mutual growth, and unlocking for their clients, a rock-solid bond with their partner that not only withstands the tests of distance, but the tests of time.

Johnathan Jena was in a long distance relationship himself for over 3 years, bridging the 3,100 miles distance. He and his partner developed ways to help them cope with many of the common issues long-distance couples face (such as loneliness, conflict resolution, intimacy, jealousy, personal growth, etc.). 

In a world where long distance love is still often seen as "illegitimate" or "not worth the risk", Johnathan, through his company, wants to show people that there is an easier way to feel close when you're far apart.