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Jun 16, 2022

There are some who get into business with the perfect business plan, the ideal skill set, and a highly supportive team.  The rest of us more likely entered the business while backing away from hell or found ourselves disillusioned and on a novel track of slavery in our new enterprises.

Often it isn’t until we hit rock bottom that we recalibrate, figure out where we really want to go, and learn and apply the steps to get there.

Our guest today has been on the curb and climbed out through a journey of growth to prosperity.  He learned and shares with our audience the tactics and strategies he uses for marketing clients.  He provides his listeners with actionable steps to increase their business and get back on track to achieve their dreams.  

Lewis Vanderwalk owns Blue Crocus Solutions - a full-service Digital Marketing agency that partners with clients to drive better business strategies that result in business growth by utilizing the most current SEO strategies, Lead Generation techniques, Design, Google My Business Optimization, and Google PPC.

He bases his success and the success of his clients on a foundation of new life, strength and resilience.