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May 28, 2020

Are you a frustrated leader with disengaged employees and a chaotic workplace culture? It may seem really tempting to crack down and be the tough guy, but believe it or not, you can take a much gentler approach to complete transformation of your company if you just know how. 

Our guest in this episode combines her study...

May 21, 2020

Many young people don’t know what to do with their lives, or what kinds of career options may be available to them. Our guest in this episode connects job seekers with opportunities within the construction niche, via a specialized service that elevates, enhances, and diversifies the profession.

Paul was a Construction...

May 7, 2020

Social media, web search ads, flyers, networking: these are all commonly used forms of business marketing which most of us feel comfortable using. However, most of us are missing out on one of the absolute most powerful ways to create and maintain connection with potential clients and customers: video marketing.