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May 26, 2022

 Everyone wants to be an author, but nobody wants to write a book. Let's face it—writing a book is an arduous task. 

And even though you have a magnificent message to communicate, the frustration you'll encounter, the time you'll invest, and the sleep you'll lose trying to write your book just isn't worth it. 

You have more important things to accomplish. But how do you write a book without actually writing a word? 

Sounds click-bait, doesn’t it?

But our guest in this episode does say it is possible.

Michael DeLon helps business owners publish a book that positions them as the expert in their field. Michael is the author of On Marketing, a #1 Amazon Best-Selling author, and the Creator of The Credibility Game Plan. Since 2013, he has worked with business owners across the United States and internationally to establish and market their credibility.