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Oct 3, 2019

Our guest returned to Christ later in life.  He experienced worldly success in the hospitality industry as a non-Christian and in his new life in Christ.  As a successful restaurateur, he faced cultural issues in the workplace as he sought change and had to overcome his fear of speaking.  Our guest transitioned from being a hater of Christians to a believer and champion. But that didn’t eliminate issues that many face around toxic work environments, the fast pace of life, and the backlash that comes with being bold for a cause you now believe is worth fighting for. 

Peter Demos entered the family restaurant business at the age of twelve, learning all aspects of the business from the bottom up.  After becoming a lawyer, Peter returned to the food industry, becoming the President of Toot’s Restaurant and Toot’s Franchising. Peter created a mission-focused culture in his restaurants, while he dealt with shocks and challenges from colleagues and others in his professional and personal life when he boldly came back to Christ in middle age.